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If God is calling us to be something but our parents are against it, should we follow God or follow what are parents say because the Bible says to honor our father and mother?

This is a great question. On one hand, we want to obey the Lord in all things; but on the other hand, God gave us our parents and we need to love and respect them. The first thing I would say is :

1. Make sure your motives are correct. If you say God is calling me to be a bank robber, then obviously you have not heard from God and you most certainly should obey your parents! What God is calling you to is a very important piece of the puzzle.

2. If what God is calling you to is worthy and honorable, begin to pray. Just because God has called you to something doesn’t mean it will be immediately. You have growing to do, and at the same time God is working on the hearts of the people around you. Be patient. But ultimately, when the time comes, you obey God.Your parents may not like it, but we must obey Gods call. Jesus was very clear when he said the gospel divides families, and sometimes that happens.

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