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If jealousy is a sin, and God never sins, then why does the Bible say in the 10 Commandments that God is a jealous God?

That is a great question! The answer to this is found in understanding translations. The OT was originally written in Hebrew; then during the exile in Babylon the OT Scriptures were translated into Greek. Eventually into Latin then English, German, etc. The problem with translating words from one language to another is that sometimes a word does not exist to accurately convey the original meaning. Let’s use the word love as an example. We say I love pizza, I love that movie, I love sushi, I love my wife. We use the same word for all; but each one denotes a type of affection.That is the case here. Jealous is the word that comes the closest. The Hebrew word is Kanna, a word used to describe only God in the OT. It is a word that means “having no rival”. The meaning of the word is that God does not want you to share your affections with any other “gods”. He desires all of you. Trying to worship God and other things is seen as a love triangle. He will have none of it.

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