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Ask Honest Questions. Get Honest Answers.

The blackbox is a place for students to ask the tough questions, and teachers to seek God and His Word for wise answers. Yes, we admit it: we do not know everything. But whether you realize it or not, God has given you safety in this multitude of spiritual counselors. It is our hope that by offering this safe place for your honest inquiries, we can help you avoid looking for answers to tough stuff from secular sources.



How was Jesus’ torture worse than the people who went through the Holocaust?

There is no doubt that many people have gone through various tortures until they have died. What makes Jesus’ crucifixion very unique is that not only did he suffer physical pain, but he also experienced separation from the Father as he bore the sins of the world.

Is it true that there was a time Jesus was studying with Buddha?

No. Jesus lived from 4B.C. to around A.D. 32. Buddha lived around 500B.C.

The Bible says that thinking about bad things is just as bad as doing it. So if you think about doing good things, is it just as good as doing them? 

Ah, out of the mouth of babes! What a great question!!! James 2:14 tells us that “faith without works is dead” So, we are to be actively living out our faith not just thinking good thoughts. Again, from the book of James-“He who knows the good they ought to do but doesn’t do it, sins.”

Why is there so much war in the world?

The most fundamental answer about why there is so much war and violence in this world is because of sin. Read James 4:1-3. I think the Scripture is very clear.

Even though Joseph still married Mary, was she still rejected because of her assumed affair? 

The Bible doesn’t tell us this information, but I’m sure the rumor mill was working well. The religious leaders tried to defame Jesus with this allegation in John 8:31-41 when Jesus was an adult and in ministry.

If you want to read your Bible at night, and you go to do it, but then your parents tell you to go to bed, should you obey your parents or spend time with God?

Go to bed! Obey your parents. Get up a little earlier and read the Bible then.


If God is calling us to be something but our parents are against it, should we follow God or follow what are parents say because the Bible says to honor our father and mother?

This is a great question. On one hand, we want to obey the Lord in all things; but on the other hand, God gave us our parents and we need to love and respect them. The first thing I would say is :

1. Make sure your motives are correct. If you say God is calling me to be a bank robber, then obviously you have not heard from God and you most certainly should obey your parents! What God is calling you to is a very important piece of the puzzle.

2. If what God is calling you to is worthy and honorable, begin to pray. Just because God has called you to something doesn’t mean it will be immediately. You have growing to do, and at the same time God is working on the hearts of the people around you. Be patient. But ultimately, when the time comes, you obey God.Your parents may not like it, but we must obey Gods call. Jesus was very clear when he said the gospel divides families, and sometimes that happens.

If God comes in our lifetime where will we go if He’s making a new heaven and earth?

I don’t think creating the new heavens and the new earth will be hard for God or take a lot of time. Remember, He spoke the universe into existence. He just spoke and then it was there. I imagine the same will happen at the end of the age.

What Scriptures talk about Jesus’ crucifixion so I can look it up?

Well, first of all, every gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) dedicate some time to talk about his death. Take some time to read the gospels. But Jesus’ death is also spoken about(prophesied) in the Old Testament. Take some time to read Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Zechariah 12:10 for starters.

I have a friend who is a non-believer and I’ve tried to talk to her about God. The thing is, she says she feels uncomfortable when my friend and I talk about it and she refuses to listen. Is there anything else I can do besides, of course, praying for her?

It is great that you have a desire to share Jesus and talk to your friends about Jesus. However, you know as well as I do that a lot of people don’t want to hear about Jesus. We can’t force people to listen, nor should we. Salvation is a work of the Lord. If they are not interested, respect that and continue to pray for them. When I share with people, I casually ask if they are interested in spiritual things. If they say “yes” I proceed. If they say “no” I try to give a simple truth and move on. Our responsibility is to make ourselves available to be used by God, The rest is up to the Holy Spirit.